Oxum- Audio Recording- digital


Audio recording of pontos and calls to Oxum. This recording is meant to accompany the Umbandaime Workbook 1.



This recording of the pontos and hymns of Oxum was made in Mapiá in a series of sessions with puxadoras and drummers who have worked for many years in the line of Umbandaime there. Oxum is known as the Orixá of the fresh waters. We will be adding more recordings over time so please continue checking back to our website as new recordings arrive. We are working directly under the supervision of Maria Alice Campos Freire who is overseeing and organizing the project. The proceeds from the sale of these recordings will go to funding the completion of the project of the mastering the cd’s for Umbandaime 1 as well as the production of the Umbandaime II workbook and the recordings associated to it. We ask that our brothers and sisters share these recordings, rather that you direct others to the website so that we may complete the project and vision for the benefit of all of the irmandade!

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