Padrinho Sebastião- O Justiceiro (1-160)


Bilingual edition of Padrinho Sebastião’s hinário, “O Justiceiro” (1-160).


Padrinho Sebastião Mota de Melo was a disciple of Mestre Irineu and the spiritual leader of the Santo Daime church head-quartered in Céu do Mapiá in Amazonas, Brazil. Padrinho Sebastião’s hinário is traditionally sung in Céu do Mapiá for the Birthday of Padrinho Alfredo (January 7th), the feast of Saint Sebastian corresponding with his own passage (January 19th), the birthday of Madrinha Rita (June 25th), Brazilian Father’s day (2nd Sunday in August), and the birthday of Mestre Irineu (December 14th).

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